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“Chapter 11 is a way for a business to reorganize it’s debt” – Jim Felton of Greenberg & Bass

Hi, I’m Jim Felton, and I’m the managing partner here at Greenberg and Bass.

We are a full service business law firm in Encino, with a particular emphasis on bankruptcy and business litigation matters.

Much of what we do in the bankruptcy arena are filing chapter elevens for businesses. Chapter Eleven is a way for a business to reorganize it’s debt. To take the time it needs to work with it’s creditors so the business doesn’t have to end. What can happen to a business is many fold.

For example, you’re in a manufacturing business and your biggest customer leaves you. You have to figure out a way to replace that income so you don’t have to replace your employees or lay them off. Chapter Eleven can give you the time to figure out how to replace that income and hold your creditors at bay, so that they won’t necessarily have to sue you or take other action that could hurt your business.

We do chapter Eleven here at Greenberg and Bass and we have done it for almost 30 years. We can help.